Defense Products Summary

The Defense Industry sets the absolute highest standards on the durability of our products, which is not surprising given that peace, safety and human lives are at stake.

Our rugged computers and communication equipment is in constant use deep beneath ocean surfaces, high above the clouds and everywhere in between. 

Form, fit and function for any requirement

Our customers often demand tailor-made solutions with specifications that are unique to their application. With our knowledge based on over 25 years of experience in the industry we have specialized in delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers in the shortest time possible. Our product range covers everything from fully rugged computers in the smallest form factor to rack mounted servers. 

Field proven tool box
We have a tool box of tested, verified and field proven hardware building blocks that we use when developing new products. We develop climate control units, cooling and heating systems, ruggedized power supply solutions as well as the right choice of interface connectors. These components are included in every Aqeri product. Our electronic solutions in combination with the protection of our inhouse designed rugged mechanics result in products that will survice in any environment. 

Extreme environments
Environments can be everything from subzero temperatures with icy and snowy conditions with highwinds, hot areas with high sunlight radiation and dusty winds, to tropical environments with high humidity and constant rain as well as heavy lightning in thunderstorms. Our products are made for the toughest environments. We make the impossible possible!

Flexibility and short time frames
Knowledge of the customers' activities and working environment means great flexibility. Our development team can meet the customers' requirements - regardless of size and specification - and deliver quickly!


Some examples of rugged computers and rugged communication equipment produced for defense army and air force.


Some examples of rugged computers and rugged communication equipment produced for the marine parts of the defense market. 


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